Thousand Oaks Royale.

A warm and Carrying Home.

Thousand Oaks Royale is a premier residence for providing outstanding care to the frail and elderly population of the Conejo Valley. Our entire program is designed to provide each client with care and supervision to ensure enjoyment and benefits from the environment.

Our commitment is to maximize residents’ quality of life and independence. There are many continuous social programs, such as special events and outings, creative arts and crafts, music, and exercise sessions, that take place to challenge the mind and body, and stimulate the imagination.

Dining experience is an integral part of our community. We strive to please our residents’ palates and taste buds by creating various menus that are nutritious, yet tasty and appealing. Restaurant style service allows us to monitor their appetites and offer many substitutes. We are always aware of constant changes in our clients’ needs.